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In recent years, it is no secret that the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference organization has provided the world with some of the most compelling and educational lectures on the arts, medicine, business, and science ever made. Here are just a few TED Talks that every financial advisor should watch at least once, and why doing so can be a truly life-changing experience for the better.

Ted Urban: Inside the Mind of a Professional Procrastinator

In this brilliant talk, author Ted Urban shows us the remarkable power of overcoming procrastination. By turns humorous and life-changing, “Inside the Mind of a Professional Procrastinator” will help any financial advisor who has struggled with procrastination to rethink their approach to problem-solving, scheduling, and decision-making.

Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die

Taken from Steve Jobs’s commencement speech at Stanford University, “How to Live Before You Die” provides viewers with the entrepreneur’s unique perspective on coping with challenges head-on. Despite the many setbacks he endured over the course of his life, Jobs was able to turn Apple Inc. into one of the world’s most successful companies many times over. For anyone who wants to learn about the world of business from a true master, this talk is a must-see.

Carol S. Dweck: The Power of Believing That You Can Improve

As a psychologist who has studied the remarkable power of the “growth mindset” in the business world and beyond, Stanford professor Carol S. Dweck’s TED Talk should be watched by any financial advisor that wants to strengthen their drive to succeed. According to Dweck, the way in which we think about ourselves and our environment will determine whether we will overcome roadblocks in our personal and professional lives or avoid challenges altogether.

Indeed, Dweck suggests that individuals who view problem-solving as a process of personal growth will tend to view personal and professional failures as stepping stones to success. Conversely, individuals who view success and failure as indications of personal self-worth will give up on challenges that call their self-esteem into question. For top financial advisors who struggle with taking setbacks to heart, Dweck’s TED Talk can be something of a revelation.

 Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

For even the best financial advisors in the world, leadership skills are qualities that can take a lifetime to master. In one of the TED organization’s most popular lectures, consultant and motivational speaker Simon Sinek shows us that leaders must inspire and set an example to their charges in equal measure to truly succeed. For anyone in the financial industry looking to hone their leadership chops in 2019, Sinek’s lecture will be a fascinating lesson on the benefits of effective and empathetic leadership.