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Sylvester Knox

Wealth Management Advisor

For over twenty-eight years Sylvester Knox has worked in the financial industry as an investment executive. As the President & CEO of the Knox Group Investment Advisory Firm, Sylvester assists corporations, individuals, and families with their financial decisions. Knox draws on his decades of experience to craft tailored strategies for each of his clients. With every client that Knox works with, his top priority is protecting their portfolio from excessive risk while also ensuring steady returns. Knox’s intention is to make the investment experience as stress-free as possible for every client that employs his services.

Working with individuals to help them achieve their financial goals is one of Sylvester Knox’s favorite aspects of working in the industry. Managing the often rough waters of the financial world is difficult for many clients. They put their trust in Sylvester to help grow their money without facing too much risk. By taking the time to answer every client question as thoroughly as possible, and by creating a strategy that is unique to each client, Sylvester helps his customers feel comfortable, as well as confident, working with the Knox Group. Sylvester believes that there is no better feeling than the sense of satisfaction he derives from assisting clients with their financial goals.

One of the most challenging aspects of working in the financial industry is the amount of time that one must devote to each client. Sylvester Knox realizes that success is not always easy. Yet his years of experience have taught him many lessons, and he applies this knowledge to every customer’s situation. Time management is an important skill in any profession, but it’s especially important in the financial industry. Over the years Sylvester has perfected his time management skills. As a result, he is able to adeptly handle the many demanding aspects of working in his field.

The Keys to Financial Success




Many clients do not realize that there is more to wealth management than stocks and bonds. With every customer that he works with, Sylvester Knox takes a holistic approach to their situation. Although he is not an accountant, this approach may include considering a tax strategy, for example. It also includes considering liability management and things like a client’s mortgage rates. Ultimately, Sylvester’s goal is to look at every aspect of a client’s financial background. Life is complex, and there is no one model that applies to every financial situation. This is one reason why Sylvester works so hard to create a personalized strategy for each customer.

In addition to managing a client’s wealth, Sylvester Knox believes that his job is to educate clients. With each client, he takes the time to routinely review their accounts and answer any questions they have. Sylvester enjoys any opportunity to educate his clients. It helps them feel more at ease, and it may help them avoid financial pitfalls in the future. Clients appreciate the time that Sylvester devotes to them as well as the patience that he brings to each interaction.

Outside of his professional career, Sylvester Knox is passionate about educating the community on financial issues that could affect them. Through his personal blog, Sylvester aims to show everyday people that financial health is an achievable goal, and anyone can have good financial standing. Some topics of interest include budgeting, investing, and smart spending.

Aside from finance, Sylvester is a major contributor to his community. Working with those in need is a passion of his, and he encourages others to do the same. Sylvester is so passionate about this that he even writes blogs with ways others can get involved in their community. To learn more visit Sylvester’s Philanthropy website.