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Smart people are smart about their money. And what is smarter than using tools to save money on items that you already buy? By designating a time slot once a week to focus on couponing and keeping your cash back apps up to date, you will end up saving money and wondering why you didn’t start sooner!


Let’s start with the basics. What do you need to get started on your couponing journey? In order to be successful, be sure to have a printer for printing online coupons, laptop or computer, plastic binder with dividers, store flyers and a local newspaper (and/or any other mail subscriptions with coupons).

Before delving into the vast world that is couponing, it is wise to understand how it all works. First, you need to understand overage. “Overage” happens when the worth of your coupon exceeds the cost of the product. That means you are either owed money in cash from the grocer, or get credit towards your current bill. Next, remember to buy only things that you need! And finally, for both your own sake and the sake of the shoppers in line behind you, know the terms & conditions of your coupon before going out so you are prepared to explain them on check-out if need be.

Coupon Websites explains how coupon websites that match sales with the coupon are the best way to go when planning your shopping trip. They do most of the work for you. They find the sales and then any available coupon for the sales and match them up. If you take a look at, for example, you will see today’s date with a list of the best deals at popular stores. You can search by store or even by the product itself. Someone is already doing all of the work for you, so take advantage!

Cash Back Apps

Ibotta is one of the most popular cash back apps. According to, Ibotta takes the #1 spot due to its variety in choices and its long-ranking history. So, how does it work? explains that you unlock cash-back rebates before you go shopping by completing simple tasks. For example, one Ibotta user was able to unlock a $5 rebate for Aeropostale by answering one simple poll question and reading one fact about the company. Most of the items found on this rebate are items that you would buy on a weekly basis, such as milk, yogurt, eggs, garbage bags, cereal, soda and more. Ibotta is also partnered with many common retailers so you don’t have to worry about where you go shopping in order to get your rebate.

Perhaps you hear the word couponing and you picture an older lady in her housecoat with hoards of toothpaste in her bathroom closet. Time to throw that stereotype out the window! In 2017, everyone from teens to grandmothers, men and women alike are saving money from couponing to cash back apps. Don’t miss the boat on the opportunity!