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It’s no secret that college students often struggle financially. Whether they have to save money for rent or make ends meet for food, college students notoriously have a hard time saving money. However, with a little bit of creativity, students can go from hungry penny-pincher to well-fed collegiate. Read on for the best money saving tips for college students.

Stick to Used Textbooks

One of the biggest expenses students face is having to purchase textbooks for class. Instead of buying a brand new book for a couple of hundred dollars, students should always buy used books. Students can find used textbooks online with or they can rent textbooks from Barnes & Noble’s or Chegg. If they prefer reading their books digitally, iFlipd is always a good option.

Save Money When Buying a Laptop

Don’t buy the first laptop on the shelf–be sure to shop through tax-free and discounted days. Always search for companies that offer discounts for college students, like Adobe, Apple, and Dell. If possible, buy a used laptop to save money instead of buying a brand new laptop.

Play it Safe with Credit Cards

There’s a reason credit card companies target college students. While it’s easy to get a credit card, students may find that they have trouble paying it off. If a student does get a card, it’s important to find one with a lower interest rate and only to use it when if it can be paid off in time. Then, be sure to pay the whole balance each month to prevent any late fees. This is the best way to use a credit card and will help build credit.

Apply for Scholarships

Scholarships are an excellent way for students to handle financial challenges in college. Keep in mind that scholarships renew yearly and require another application. Make it a point to turn in applications on time to make sure to take full advantage of scholarship money.

Keep Eating out to a Minimum

It’s natural to want to go out with friends and eat food, but students also need to make sure this is in line with their budget. If students have a meal plan, they need to be sure to use it. While a student may want to go out and grab something off campus, it is an extra expense that they don’t have to make.

College is a time to try new things and learn as much as possible. Learning how to save money during college is one of the most important lessons students will ever learn.