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If you own assets and don’t have a will, you are probably leaving the state to distribute your items after your passing. It may also lead to conflict between family members, and you should organize all your property details correctly. Fortunately, you have many options for creating an affordable will, which we shall look at in this guide:

Start with the Affordable Options

There are several online will creation services you can use to create an affordable will. A simple Google search should reveal the sites that can help you complete this task. On average, expect to spend anything between $20 to $100 for creating the will through an online service.

Below are some will creation tips you can use that are affordable:

  • Choose the sites that appear high up in search engine results because it shows that Google trusts them to give quality.
  • Ask for recommendations on online forums like Quora and social media.

Consult Your Lawyer

You can create the will through a reputable and competent lawyer. While it’s not imperative to use a lawyer, they have the technical knowledge for estate planning techniques such as living trusts. A good lawyer should offer affordable services and have extensive experience in creating wills for other clients.

Write the Will DIY

It’s possible for you to create the will DIY, which means you don’t need the help of a lawyer or writing service. Before you can write your will, however, you have to consider a few key factors:

  • Ensure you type the will by hand because your handwriting is part of the will verification process. Never type out the property will or get someone else to write it for you.
  • Evaluate the requirements of your state regarding the use of wills.
  • Ensure the will covers all aspects, such as the executor and witnesses, to help with verification. Both of these parties should be present at the time of the will creation process.
  • Get the write parties to sign the will correctly. Doing this will help improve the legitimacy and applicability of the will.

You have many options for safeguarding your property, and this includes creating a concise will. You can consult with a lawyer, use an online service or make the will DIY. Regardless of your choice, ensure the will meets your state’s requirements and that it includes all the correct verification details.